Thought of the month
“I wish you would realize that the destiny of our beloved land is not in us, the parents, but in our children”
–Mahatma Gandhi
Admission open for 2017-18 session  
The Atmosphere

St. Paul’s we work hard to maintain an atmosphere that encourages the practice of honesty, openness, truth, integrity and freedom of expression. These qualities are central to our approach to discipline, discussion, relationship and individual care.

St. Pauls has no formal links to any religion or religious group. Children of all faiths are welcome. We have always tried to foster a secular and tolerant approach to life.

Each child doesn’t learn the same, nor at the same pace. It is for this reason that child development specialists recommend that experiences must be created for the children in a planned manner rather than emphasizing what results from these activities. It is for these reasons that our school premises and curriculum are so designed that each child has the opportunity each day for hands on activities. Teachers help the talent unfold, celebrating each child’s pursuits and development through various educational activities.